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Prints & Posters

The framing of a beautiful Signed Limited Edition Print can require the same attention as an original work of art, with some pieces being quite valuable. While they can require different mounting techniques and materials to say a poster print of your favorite Picaso painting, you will always be assured that the same care is taken. Our job is to enhance your piece with just the right combination of frames and matt-boards. The print of an old Master can be impastoed for texture and then double framed to give you the resemblance of an original oil painting.

So to, a stylish white frame with large matting and boxed back, can give you a very stylish look, allowing the opportunity to introduce most art genres into a modern house or apartment.

If you have a simple poster or map for your child’s bedroom, we offer all options from simple block-mounting to a complete custom framing job. We are only too happy to help with advice & quotes.