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Terrace Art Framers has been affiliated with Christian Fletcher for more than 15 years now specializing in the development, design and framing of both large and small format photographs using all paper mediums. We promise this same quality and commitment to you and to your own photos. Whether you have a single image to frame, a photo collage to create, or you are a professional photographer looking for something new, we are committed to helping you all the way through your design, frame and colour selection.

With the capacity to frame images up to 1.5m x 3m with glass or acrylic, photographs are mounted using either archival EVA glues or acid free/ph neutral adhesive mounting boards, depending on the presentation required.

We have the largest CMC (computer matt cutter) available in Western Australia giving us the capability of cutting single window matts up to 1220mm x 1720mm and multiple window matts up to 1220mm x 2440mm (outside dimensions)
Don’t forget to ask about our range of UV and Reflection Control glasses that give brilliant clarity and enhance the colours of your photographs.